Eat Your Colors

EAT YOUR COLORS : ROYGBIV SHOULD APPLY TO YOUR DIET , TOO You don’t dress in one color. Your apartment isn’t one shade of beige. Why should your diet be any different? To be your healthiest, think back to grammar school art class and good ol’ ROYGBIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, a.k.a.

Clear Skin Do

16 THINGS PEOPLE WITH BEAUTIFUL , CLEAR SKIN DO EVERY DAY Everyone has that friend with perfect skin who, when asked how she achieves such a flawless visage, giggles and says she doesn’t actually do anything. Well, I’m calling bullshit. Yes, there are people who’ve been genetically blessed, but it’s near impossible to sustain great skin

Depression How to

13 NATURAL REMEDIES FOR DEPRESSION I’ve been on depression medication since I was 9 years old, well technically it was prescribed for anxiety in the beginning, but soon I was treated for both. In 3rd grade I was able to say, rather clumsily, “I am taking chill pills because there is an imbalance of serotonin in

6 Anti-Aging

6 ANTI – AGING , WEIGHT LOSS REASONS TO ADD BONE BROTH TO YOUR DIET Early in my career as a naturopathic physician and certified nutrition consultant, I quickly established a track record of success. But I wanted to do even better for my patients — and, in particular, I wanted to achieve the biggest results

A Detox Cleanse…

How To Create A Detox Cleanse That’s ACTUALLY Healthy: A Doctor Explains What’s the point of doing a cleanse if you end up going back to the same unhealthy habits you’ve always had? That’s why I don’t really advocate the harsh detox cleanses that many practitioners recommend. Not so much because they may not work

The Chia Breakfasts

“Chia ” 8 Protein-Packed Vegan Breakfasts Below are a few of my favorite high-volume and high-protein recipes. The smoothie bowls and chia seed pudding recipes are perfect for making ahead of time to grab and go! Just quickly cut up fruit and sprinkle on some toppings, and you’re good to go. 1. Wake-Up French Toast

Taco Cleanse

The Taco-Based Diet That Will Change Your Life (Yes, It’s A Thing)…Taco Cleanse “Cleanses are the f*cking worst.” — Laura Beck, Vegansaurus Generally, the typical all-juice or raw food cleanses can leave you hungry and frustrated. But there’s one shining exception, brought to you by a collective of smart, Austin-based “taco scientists”, that will make