Toasts To Eat

BEYOND AVOCADO : 9 TOASTS TO MAKE YOUR MORNING Some critics say we’ve reached the peak of the avocado toast craze. To them, we say, Okay, maybe. While there will always be a place in our hearts for a truly well-executed avocado toast, we thought we’d propose a few contenders for our new favorite healthy

The Full Moon

8 WAYS TO HARNESS THE POWER OF THE FULL MOON  (And End The Year On Your Terms) Pass the tissues! There’s a full moon in sensitive, heart-centered Cancer on December 25, 2015 — Christmas Day, for those who plan to celebrate. Since Cancer is naturally ruled by the moon, it’s a super-charged event that will

A Detox Cleanse…

How To Create A Detox Cleanse That’s ACTUALLY Healthy: A Doctor Explains What’s the point of doing a cleanse if you end up going back to the same unhealthy habits you’ve always had? That’s why I don’t really advocate the harsh detox cleanses that many practitioners recommend. Not so much because they may not work

Eat Healthy-Vegetables

Cook Once, Eat Healthy All Week: Here’s How To ACTUALLY Do It (For Under $35) I’m all about making my weeknight meals healthy, delicious and quick. While I love a 15-minute meal, some of my favorite vegetables (like winter squash) taste better when you can roast them for a while. A great way to make

Activated Charcoal Water

Is Now A Thing. And We Tried It Since my time at mindbodygreen began, I’ve munched on cricket flower protein bars, sampled a brew of apple cider vinegar and maple syrup, and drunk my weight in kale juice — all in the name of wellness. But this just might be the most bizarre functional food

Chinese Medicine

by Paige Bourassa , October 12, 2015  5 Foods To Keep You Happy & Healthy This Season     Have you ever noticed how all summer long you crave watermelon and salads — and then winter comes and you can’t tear yourself away from the pasta bowl?No, that’s not just about bikini season vs. sweater season. Rather,

Quinoa Grains

 Quinoa is a great base because it’s gluten-free and protein-packed….GRAINS !! The concept of “bowl” meals is pretty simple — you toss a bunch of ingredients into a specifically shaped dish, add a bit of finesse, and POOF! it’s a cohesive meal. Bowls are catching on because they’re easy to make, unfussy, and create a