Taco Cleanse

The Taco-Based Diet That Will Change Your Life (Yes, It’s A Thing)…Taco Cleanse

“Cleanses are the f*cking worst.” — Laura Beck, Vegansaurus

Generally, the typical all-juice or raw food cleanses can leave you hungry and frustrated.

But there’s one shining exception, brought to you by a collective of smart, Austin-based “taco scientists”, that will make you feel happier and more satisified than before. I’m, of course, talking about The Taco Cleanse.

Described as, “the tortilla-based diet proven to change your life”, this tongue-and-cheek guide and cookbook encourages you to ditch everything you’ve ever known about cleanses and embrace the vegan taco way of life.

“In the current era of superfoods and detox diets, many trends have failed to deliver on promises. Goji, acai, chia, grapefruit, and countless others have gained momentary prominence only to return to obscurity. However, a small tribe of herbivorous Austinites has benefited from a previously unresearched native Texan delicacy … the taco.”

The book pokes fun at the tired diet industry while providing the reader with some kick-ass recipes along the way. Expect dishes like Barbacoa Mushroom Tacos, DIY tortillas, and several riffs on the margarita (or “supplements”, as they’re known in taco cleanse-speak).

The Taco Diet promises increased glow, quelled hunger, and a light and uplifting sensation in the root chakra.

It’s the reset you didn’t know you were looking for and confirms that everything tastes better in a tortilla. Pass the guacamole!

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12 Things You Need To Know Today

1. Bananas are in danger of going extinct.

The world’s most common type of banana has fallen victim to a dangerous fungus known as Panama disease. It’ spread to banana crops in Africa, Asia, and Australia and has the potential to spread to South America next. (Quartz)

2. Watching TV in your 20s will melt your brain.

Well, not really, but a recent study found that young adults who watch three or more hours of television every day in their 20s have worse cognitive function when they hit middle age. (Washington Post)

3. Being a size 2 won’t make you happy.

Swedish plus-size model Sabina Karlsson was once a size 2 and miserable: “I was always stressed out … I wasn’t comfortable in my body.” (mbg)

4. People with depression have more preventable hospital visits.

New research finds that those suffering from depression are more than twice as likely to have hospitalizations that could be preventable, such as for diabetes, UTIs, and congestive heart failure. They are also more likely to return to the hospital within 30 days for the same problem. (Medical Daily)

5. Weight gain between pregnancies raises the risk of infant death.

A major new study from Sweden finds that healthy-weight women who gained even as little as 12 pounds between their first and second pregnancies had an increased risk of stillbirth or their babies dying within the first year. (WSJ)

6. Your partner’s height could determine the happiness of your relationship.

According to a new study, the key to a successful relationship is height. We may not mean to be, but apparently we’re pretty superficial creatures. (mbg)

7. Big food companies to roll out smartphone-scannable nutrition data.

The nutritional info will include ingredients, allergens, calories, and potentially GMO information and will be available on more than 30,000 products by the end of 2017. (Fortune)

8. Coal is more closely linked to death than other environmental pollutants.

Burning coal for energy releases a slew of chemicals into the atmosphere. A recent study found that these pollutants are five times more likely to increase someone’s risk of heart disease than those released in oil or natural gas burning. (TIME)

9. #Love was Instagram’s top hashtag of 2015.

For the third year in a row, “love” — which is all around us — reigned supreme as the most popular hashtag on the photo sharing platform. (Instagram)

10. The water in Rio is seriously contaminated, posing potential issues for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The Associated Press reported that the waters are more widely contaminated than previously thought. Offshore water samples taken over the course of the past three months contained considerably higher amounts of sewage-linked pathogens than what’s considered “alarming” in the U.S. (NBC Sports)

11. Slow walking speed in elderly people might indicate Alzheimer’s.

New research found that amyloid plaques likely cause the damage behind Alzheimer’s and are also associated with slow walking speed, which could appear before memory issues become present. (Medical News Today)

12. Mindy Kaling’s latest Instagram is all of us.

She just got really real on Instagram, the platform from which people tend to be really fake, by posting a photo of herself with acne cream on. (mbg)





by rene con

by Rene Con


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