Clear Up Adult Acne

5 FOODS THAT WILL HELP CLEAR UP ADULT ACNE & HORMONAL BREAKOUTS For years, I took my clear skin for granted. I never wore concealer and rarely wasted time examining my pores. I assumed I was blessed with a great complexion until one fateful day four years ago when I stopped taking my birth control

Eat Healthy All Week

COOK ONCE, EAT HEALTHY ALL WEEK I’m all about prepping to get ahead.Cooking extra food at the beginning of the week to makes my life easier Monday through Thursday (Friday is takeout night!). And this might be my simplest meal prep session yet. I decided to take a bunch of sweet potatoes, roast them up,

Help Your Weight

 24 Foods To Help Your Weight As a naturopathic doctor, I see a lot of people who can’t seem to lose weight. Instead of offering pills or surgery, I try to help them focus on feeding their body the right way. A big part of that is treating your gut right: The trillions of microbes

Chinese Medicine

by Paige Bourassa , October 12, 2015  5 Foods To Keep You Happy & Healthy This Season     Have you ever noticed how all summer long you crave watermelon and salads — and then winter comes and you can’t tear yourself away from the pasta bowl?No, that’s not just about bikini season vs. sweater season. Rather,

School Recipes

25 Quick-Fix Back to School Recipes (plus side dish ideas!) Busy nights don’t have to mean hitting the drive thru for dinner – make any of my favorite 25 Quick-Fix Back to School Recipes with side dish ideas instead!  It’s officially back to school time around here! Local kids headed back yesterday and the fact that