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Some critics say we’ve reached the peak of the avocado toast craze. To them, we say, Okay, maybe.

While there will always be a place in our hearts for a truly well-executed avocado toast, we thought we’d propose a few contenders for our new favorite healthy toast.

A quick and simple purée that celebrates the bright flavors of these good-for-you ingredients. You can use chickpeas instead of white beans, but don’t forget the spritz of lemon!

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Roasted butternut tricked out with chili flakes, maple syrup, and a little apple cider vinegar. This might be the ideal toast for winter.

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Beet Hummus Toast

Heather Christo

Not only does beet hummus look good, it’s also great for you AND tastes incredible. Win-win-win.

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The Cozy Apron

Sautéed garlic mushrooms with thyme and ricotta make this an instant toast classic.

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Mushy peas are great with eggs, as a side to grilled fish, and (of course) atop a perfectly toasted slice of bread.

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The Little Epicurean

Roasted strawberries are a magical thing. Use them to up your toast game and you’ll never look back.

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Domesticate Me

This overachieving toast has a lot going for it — sweet potatoes IN the hummus, topped with pan-fried Brussels sprouts, and the possibility of a goat cheese garnish.

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 Con Poulos via Food + Wine

The concept of greens on toast definitely seems like a natural departure from avocado. Get some garlic, lemon, and thin shavings of pecorino involved to really elevate things.

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Minimalist Baker

I’m just going to call it: Hummus toast might be the most qualified successor to the avocado toast throne. It’s got protein, tons of fiber, and the option to add lots of other flavors.

While not revolutionary, it’s damn delicious and worth a try. Check out this seed-powered version for extra crunch.

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by rene con

by Rene Con


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